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wow funny funny funny!!

omfg man that rocked
now i don't play kirby, nor do i watch kirby flash movies....
but cos i've seen aaaaaaallllllllllll ur other work, i'd give it a chance
....and wot a chance it was!!! i love ur randomness it's funny i'll be in stiches for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done man! *claps insanely till hands drop off*
oops...i should go fix that ^^;

Bigfoot3290 responds:

<3, bro.


wot happened to the other flashes u submitted?

Vencelfoote responds:

Search under Vencelbros - all the old cartoons should be there.

i love time squad!!!

wot a gr8 conclusion to the story!
it woz funny the way blok head completely 4 got about the entire adventure. lol
how duz 1 bcome as random as u? btw ur blok head series rox!!
if u cud, cud u lay me down some wisdom of urs on how to make such awsome random flashes?

The-Swain responds:

Well, you have to have an idea. Then you have to love that idea so much that you're willing to sacrifice almost everything else you don't need to survive in order to get it done. Being insane doesn't hurt.

loved it!!!

i reely like that song on it. it woz funny at the end aswell i gotta admit i'm gonna have to have this in ma favs.

Smon responds:

...wow. A lot of people really like this... note to self: make holiday cartoons more often. :)

lol funny!

the end bit woz
"and naturally they all blamed wonchop (bullocks!)" lmao me like!
make more plzzz!

Wonchop responds:


ur funniest and best 1 yet

all of ur flashes have made me laff in sum way ( wierd or otherwise) but this is by far the funniest.
the ending made me laff too hard ( i no this wen my ribs crak).
well done ur in my favourites now!!

Wonchop responds:



dude! wtf is up wit dat banana? nanananananaaaa!!
lol it woz alrite ( better than the first 1)
i rekon u cud improve on the graphics more tho
apart from that

Duck-Duck-Sheep responds:

Well the grafics...you are right i actually can't draw well but..hey i have fantasy !

the best of star day syndicate! :)

i'll just run u thru my scores i gave u
GRAPHICS-they were nice and smooth but it woz the 3-d hammer bn thrown that won me over.
STYLE-very unique, i ain't seen that newhere else so that got u a good 10.
SOUND-meh....sound is sound, but it woz a good use of music
VIOLENCE-wade crushed red star (gory-or-wot?).
INTERACTIVITY-well there woz a play button and the error thingy and the play the fite footage buttons so that got u a 5 for that.
HUMOR-it woz funny, wot can i say? ....the error bit and the part where u were supposed 2 see the fite scene but u saw this wierd and rather random cereal ad made me laff!

overall... i loved it. I hope u make more.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

SD 06: Death of P-Bot
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nicely done m8

how do u ppl make those 3d robots? i'm stumped on how u do it.
it woz a good movie but i rekon perhaps it shudda bn a bit longer.
hope u make a sequel.

DifferentName responds:

I made the robot in swift 3d. I used a book to learn the program, cause it's pretty hard to get the hang of it.


that woz a good flash. i liked it. That music woz from sim city 4 wozn't it?
lol keep up the work :)

sysrq868 responds:

Yes, the music woz from SC4. It woz one of my favourites in the whole game.

Thankies for the review!
-- sysrq868

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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