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you just keep getting better

I noticed alot more custom sprites (which you may of mde I'm not sure ^^; )
Any way I have to say this was soo cool! I love the way in some of your movies you go from sprite to actual drawings, and their expressions when touching Peach...PRICELESS XD !!!
You must of used a lot of lairs here I'm guessing 11? maybe more.
As usual you got the vioce clips from the movies in there perfectly and well timed as the same is said for the music and sound effects, this also made me laugh a hell of alot too, and I still can't get over the detail you put into this! The way you made seperate parts of each sprite move (e.g the head boppin goomba ect. ) and their facial expressions! I can't stress enough on how much devotion and detail has gone into this! I really can't! ><
You really are a true inspiration out there in the sprite animating world! Keep it up.

ed edd n eddy!!!

love your flashes man they rock!!
remember me? i met you on deviant art (commented on one of your deviations ^^
anyways keep up the good work!!

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wow funny funny funny!!

omfg man that rocked
now i don't play kirby, nor do i watch kirby flash movies....
but cos i've seen aaaaaaallllllllllll ur other work, i'd give it a chance
....and wot a chance it was!!! i love ur randomness it's funny i'll be in stiches for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done man! *claps insanely till hands drop off*
oops...i should go fix that ^^;

Bigfoot3290 responds:

<3, bro.

i shud of known

iut woz u that did this!!
the same guy hu did kitten apocalypes!!!! loved that as much as this (i love em ok?) as usual u exagerate the gore hugely abd for that thank u lol
loved it keep it up man ur doin fine!!!

loved it!!!

that billy reminds me of the guy in this german text book i have lol there so alike!!
neways very funny!!


don't listen to that other guy man he's a jerk off lol
this is gr8 i loved it soo much it wos just so funny and there xpressions were just priceless!!XD
yeh that other guy shud die rly coz he's obviosly got sum personal issues to face lol
newayz like this flash like i like all ur work!!
keep it up :)

nice 1!!

it woz very good i watched the hole series and loved it!!
shame yoshi didn't come back to life :(
the only thing negative i have to say about this is that the music keeps sortta stoppin half way thru a scene and the sprites cudda bn a bit cleener (better cut from the sprite sheet). but all in all well done.


oh-no it's happening again!!!!
*goes into seisure mode* weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
nicely dun i liked it

u shud really have ur own collection section ushud

that roked u sir r rite up there wit adam phillips (u no the guy hu duz brakenwood?) newayz yeh really well dun
i woz laffin crazy


wow i loved the way u turned ur self (or aleast i think it's urself) in to a sprite !! i ain't seen that in ne other flash cartoon (except that turn ur self in to a sprite tutorial but ne way)
yhe that's 1 awesome flash u got rite there man wicked!!!
u certainly have skill!!
two thumbs up and fart lol

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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