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that woz pretty darn good

that other guy was right. no sound no plot and rather short...
but it has got reel potential. i like the way u made it loop the way it did. and a couple of funny bits got u that five in the humour bit.
i reely think u cud make summit of this.
perhaps a series of these to robots (if that's wot they r) in a continuos battle for summit ( let u think of that 1 lol).
but i'm serious. good flash. i hope to c more of ur werk.

lol funny!

the end bit woz
"and naturally they all blamed wonchop (bullocks!)" lmao me like!
make more plzzz!

Wonchop responds:



as usual FUCKIN AWSEOME!!! how the hell do u make such smooth and perfect animations like that? and the music was perfect 4 it!!
ur in ma favourites and i voted a five it woz that good ( i very rarely give out fives ) so WELL DONE !!!!

ur funniest and best 1 yet

all of ur flashes have made me laff in sum way ( wierd or otherwise) but this is by far the funniest.
the ending made me laff too hard ( i no this wen my ribs crak).
well done ur in my favourites now!!

Wonchop responds:



dude! wtf is up wit dat banana? nanananananaaaa!!
lol it woz alrite ( better than the first 1)
i rekon u cud improve on the graphics more tho
apart from that

Duck-Duck-Sheep responds:

Well the grafics...you are right i actually can't draw well but..hey i have fantasy !

don't reed this if u haven't seen the movie!!!!

very touchin the way u and him r s'posed to think the big bloke's gonna kill him and actually all he woz doin woz protecting him.
very very VERY nicely done.


that woz some of the best animation and graphics i have ever seen!! this must've taken u the better part of ur life 2 make man it is that good.i just can't get over how smooth the animation woz and how beutiful the graphics were ( and how about that water eh?) True master peece!! u got my 5 votes!
i wud really b honored ( gee i hope that dun't sound like begging) if u cud give me a few hints 'n' tips on how 2 make summit that good?! plz man? that woz an awesome flash and i wud love 2 b able to animate like that! respond to this as soon as u ccan! thx a bunch!!
btw. did i mention how gr8 this movie is?

lol art funny

i only give a vote 5 to ppl that deserve it.
u sir, r 1 of them! i love this cartoon and the bus 1.
i meen it 5 for u!! well done


that is just how public transportation is! lmao. every time i sit on a bus 1 part of it is filled with smelly chatter boxes, ands the back part of the bus is completely empty and then the bus driver sez it's full. lol gr8 cartoon man!!


i loved soooo much!!
the graphics and animation woz supuh smooth!!
i've neva seen sum1 do this kind of thing b4 (by that i meen sprites versus a stik man) and then at the end he gets turned in2 a stik man! lol
i look forward 2 seein more of ur werk>
nice1 10/!0
p.s. i'm deffinetly votin 5 4 this

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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