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that woz excellent!!

all those 3-d graphics and animation must've taken u awhile to do.
i don't watch star craft but i got the jist of it from this master piece!! i'm votin 5 for this (wich i rarely do) and i only gave u a 9 for graphics cuz i think the lipsyncin cudd b improved a bit. But apart from that. WELL DONE!!
btw (u wudn't no where i cud get swift 3-d for free do ya?)

fuckin well done!

ur movie sir is just one of a very small handful of movies on newgrounds that i think is one of the best!!
ur up agenst adam phillips brakenwwod collection so consider it an honor! lol newayz sweet movie u deffinetly deserve that $2000 prize money!

wow!!11 13 years old and u made a kik ass movie!!

so r u reely 13? cuz that woz sweet man yeh!!
hope u make the second part u got an entire year to so that's all good to! it's just like the game aswell wich made it xtra nice.
OMFG u won, like $250 for that (ne chance i cud have some?) lol jus' kiddin m8!! Awesome flash man and well done 4 winnin the money!! don't go spendin it all at once now!! lol


it woz good, 4 a first animation.
how old excactly r u? if i'm not bn 2 rude by asking.
like..11? 12? cuz if u r that woz pretty decent...
and if u rn't then it woz just decent.
like i sed b4 "sa'rite"

that woz pretty darn good

that other guy was right. no sound no plot and rather short...
but it has got reel potential. i like the way u made it loop the way it did. and a couple of funny bits got u that five in the humour bit.
i reely think u cud make summit of this.
perhaps a series of these to robots (if that's wot they r) in a continuos battle for summit ( let u think of that 1 lol).
but i'm serious. good flash. i hope to c more of ur werk.

lol funny!

the end bit woz
"and naturally they all blamed wonchop (bullocks!)" lmao me like!
make more plzzz!

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that woz really gr8. i loved the way u made the monorail bit ( that must've taken u a while) but the whole thing woz excellent!
nicey nice nice! i hope u make part ll soon i wud really like to watch it.


really liked that man is kool!!
i like it wn u get 2 pik hu wins so good on ya 4 that!
it musta taken ya a while to do all that!
newayz well done reely enjoyed that!


as usual FUCKIN AWSEOME!!! how the hell do u make such smooth and perfect animations like that? and the music was perfect 4 it!!
ur in ma favourites and i voted a five it woz that good ( i very rarely give out fives ) so WELL DONE !!!!

ur funniest and best 1 yet

all of ur flashes have made me laff in sum way ( wierd or otherwise) but this is by far the funniest.
the ending made me laff too hard ( i no this wen my ribs crak).
well done ur in my favourites now!!

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yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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