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the best of star day syndicate! :)

i'll just run u thru my scores i gave u
GRAPHICS-they were nice and smooth but it woz the 3-d hammer bn thrown that won me over.
STYLE-very unique, i ain't seen that newhere else so that got u a good 10.
SOUND-meh....sound is sound, but it woz a good use of music
VIOLENCE-wade crushed red star (gory-or-wot?).
INTERACTIVITY-well there woz a play button and the error thingy and the play the fite footage buttons so that got u a 5 for that.
HUMOR-it woz funny, wot can i say? ....the error bit and the part where u were supposed 2 see the fite scene but u saw this wierd and rather random cereal ad made me laff!

overall... i loved it. I hope u make more.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

SD 06: Death of P-Bot
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all my lol belong 2 u

that woz hilarios!
i used 2 think he sed "batman scoop" lol
i luv all ur werk man keep it up!!
where do u get all this humor from?


that woz awesome man!
that woz soooo original and the music went really well with it aswell.
plz tell me how u do such kool stuff like this and where i can get me the rite stuff 2 make those 3d fx!
plz reply 2 this as soon as possible!
p.s. u got yo self a fan! man

althuogh it's in russian it's still very powerful!

good song.
god like graphics-i love the way they were so flexible in that.
and it woz so well in sync with the music...MAN!!!
well done alrite?! just well done!!
i am not worhty 2 rite ne more about ur gr8ness


just like the mens room monologue this 1 is so true and funny at the same time.
keep makin these monologues there sweet!!
just an idea but ur next monologue cud b 1 on public trnsportation.
there's so much 2 say about them.
lol well done

nicely done m8

how do u ppl make those 3d robots? i'm stumped on how u do it.
it woz a good movie but i rekon perhaps it shudda bn a bit longer.
hope u make a sequel.

DifferentName responds:

I made the robot in swift 3d. I used a book to learn the program, cause it's pretty hard to get the hang of it.

*SNIFF* that woz beutiful man

ahhhh.... a nice happy endin where both bro's live.
i gotta hand it 2 ya randy, u r 1 gr8 sprite animator!
now i personally don't like sprite animations ( i'm not sure y hmmm...) but i think u may have just changed my mind.
that is ( and this is no hyperbolin) truely 1 of the most stunning and gr8est sprite animations ever done.

funny,sad,serious....i don't no wich 1 2 choose!

as usual with this series....gr8! wow-wotta twist and it went well with the cartoon ( very impressive ). wen mario started dancin to make that mouse blow himself up while he woz watchin him woz just completly and utterly unique never seen that in ne other flash b4. tho it WOZ mainly funny it did have sm serioseness 2 it.

perhaps the best sprite series ever

u must of werked a hell of a lot 2 make this just perfect.
even the clouds faces in the bak ground changed as the film went on. the funeral woz rather teary eyed and it woz all soooo well put together.
i wish i cud shake ur hand it's that good of a job.
well done all my 10 r belong 2 this!


where the hell do u guys get that sprite of mario bn hung and yoshi gone insane? i bn lookin evry where 4 it! X(
nice flash btw

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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