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i don't no if this is happenin 2 ne1 else but wen i watch this a net offer window keeps poppin up.
look in2 it will ya? it wud b ashame 2 lose ur work on this site.
good flash tho 8/10 :)


that woz a good flash. i liked it. That music woz from sim city 4 wozn't it?
lol keep up the work :)

sysrq868 responds:

Yes, the music woz from SC4. It woz one of my favourites in the whole game.

Thankies for the review!
-- sysrq868

i'm a bloke and I cried

ur grandma musta bn the gr8est person in ur world if she inspired u 2 make such a hart brakin tribute about her.
the luv 4 ur grandmother caused u 2 make an awseome flash.
well done and rest her soul

lmao literally!!

and i thought the demented cartoon woz random....but that wozn't just random...that woz RAAANNNDOOMM!! i woz lafing myself silly through the entire thing!
"jo's heer" has now bcome my noo werd me and all my m8s use.
(they had 2 watch it 2 understand it...now they can't stop sayin it)
well done, loved it
"pizza hut is under attack" where do u get this random stuff?!

kooly ooly

that woz good, i liked it. seeing as this is based on actual stuff r u sayin that sm1 ACTUALY destroyed their mouse cuz it went apeshit on him? lol 10/10 in my books keep it up.

that woz sweet ! X)

that woz sum pretty kool graphics and fx u did and i just loved the zombies.
But it woz a little hard 2 understand. woz that his wife or summit?
btw i have got 2 no wot program u people use 2 make such awsome flashes!
well done 10/10

this is the ultimate movie of ultimate destiny!

whoaaa! the music, the song, and the flash were all gr8! i've got this on my mobile, my mp3 and my computer cuz its that awsome!
i woz laughin all the way thru. gr8 job 1 keep it up!


do u no how many times i've watched that ?! me niether i lost count at 1 hundred. that woz hilarios i've showed that 2 all my m8s and they loved it! i laugh every time i watch that. i hope u make more like this there kool.
i liked dbz in a nutshell 2.lmao (he 8 her gun!)

kooly ooly

that woz pretty kool. i like the fact it kept crashing (that is sooo like windows) and it woz so interactive like. lol do more like this it's gr8!

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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