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fuckin well done!

i can't get over how cool that lip syncing wos. perfect!
it's rare that a flash this short makes me actually laff out loud so well done!!


i loved that soo much!! the animation was so smooth and perfect. i'm deffinetly votin 5 for this. it must've of taken u a long time to make, even the preloader woz well done.
u wudn't have ne tips or hints u'd like to drop down to a fellow animator wud u? wud u?
newayz good flash! more ppl shud make 1s like this :D

the best sprite series so far !!

that woz bloody awesome!! it was a hell of alot smother than ne other sprite movie i've seen. those certain mario sprites were a good chioce! and all was just so well put together.
i cud really use sum1 of ur kind of expertise in the sprite movie department and woz wanderin if u cud drop me some hints and tips on to how to make such wkd sprite movies. it wud reelly help me!!
ne wyaz grr8 flash can't w8 to c the the next ep. =)

nice 1

it woz really different and it sounded and looked like a proper charity. =P
i think i shall adopt a box 4 ma own lol.
btw: i gave u a 3 in violence cuz of the pic of the guy cuttin the box
(that woz rather gory so i gave it a 3)

better than the others

i have to admit it was better than all the other london under ground flashes. but it woz actually good.
it woz bit of a kareoke sorta flash tho so it wasn't too exciting to watch. but fun to sing along to :P.
i feel that u could do a lot better than this tho and pehaps do a proper flash for this song. hey, i'd no i'd watch it. al u need is some more deication towards and spend some more time on it and i reckon u could have a really good flash.

i love time squad!!!

wot a gr8 conclusion to the story!
it woz funny the way blok head completely 4 got about the entire adventure. lol
how duz 1 bcome as random as u? btw ur blok head series rox!!
if u cud, cud u lay me down some wisdom of urs on how to make such awsome random flashes?

The-Swain responds:

Well, you have to have an idea. Then you have to love that idea so much that you're willing to sacrifice almost everything else you don't need to survive in order to get it done. Being insane doesn't hurt.

sweety mac sweet sweet

i loved this and the song went really well with it and vice versa.
the message hit really strongly to me, and it woz very emotional.
nice work man u shud really do more!
i'd no i'd watch em =)

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loved it!!!

i reely like that song on it. it woz funny at the end aswell i gotta admit i'm gonna have to have this in ma favs.

Smon responds:

...wow. A lot of people really like this... note to self: make holiday cartoons more often. :)

fuckin funny!!

that woz awesome did it take u a while to make that?? i bet it did.

very nice maaaaann!!

it's not every day someone brings out a good song they made and a flash to go with it. they either do a video to a song or a crappy song they made to a pretty bad flash lol. in short m8...
BRILLIANT!! i love this greenday parody and the words were well put together

yayyy!! flash cartoons!! XD

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